Nine Reasons to Pay A Pro Editor to Review Documents for Publication

Nine Reasons to Pay A Pro Editor to Review Documents for Publication

Part 1: Five Ways Your Computer Fails You

The five statements that follow point out how spell-check,Guest Posting grammar-check, and style-check tools fail to catch some errors in spelling, grammar, and style. It is possible that the word-processing program you use catches one or more of the errors mentioned here. Even so, the five statements and examples given reveal how software developers cannot replace the expertise of a pro editor. That expertise has been crucial to innumerable writers to ensure that their writing fulfils its potential. Review these and decide whether your writing should proceed toward publication without the input of a professional editor.

1. Spell-check does not recognize the parts of speech.

· Practice and advice are nouns. Practise and advise are verbs.

· Center can be a noun or a verb. Centre is only a noun.

All four words are correctly spelled and pass through spell-check. Yet, spell-check cannot tell you when a word is the wrong part of speech for a particular sentence.

2. Grammar-check always discourages the passive voice, though it exists for a reason.

· Passive: The papers were shipped by courier yesterday at five o’clock.

· Active: I shipped the papers by ai video editor courier yesterday at five o’clock

The sentence with the passive verb emphasizes the papers being shipped. The sentence with the active verb emphasizes the speaker’s responsibility for the shipping. One could be better than the other for your particular context. By always discouraging the passive option, grammar-check does not support an informed choice.

3. Style-check cannot help you with the logic of your sentences.

· Everywhere we looked, there were happy people – even where we couldn’t see them.

· This sandwich is big, and Tina is small, so we should leave now.

Style-check passes over some sentences flawed in ways that make readers stumble, including sentences with logical flaws, as in these examples.

4. Grammar-check cannot help you with some examples of subject-verb agreement.

None of those shovels is mine.