The Best SEO Strategies Start With Spring Clean-Up

If you have been building your website for awhile but have not given adequate attention to search engine optimization, it might be time to hire an SEO agency to implement a strategy quickly. The thing with SEO is that it takes time to really start showing the big results. This is why any SEO company would recommend you start your campaign before you even choose the URL for your site.

It is too late now to pay attention to that advice, so it is time to clean up your site and put your head together with an SEO agency that can quickly get your optimization strategy started. No matter how large your site is, you have to go through page by page and do some spring cleaning and resorting to make your website as presentable to the search engines and human eyes as possible. Some sites will need more work than others, so hopefully yours will be one of the faster sites to clean.

Your Navigation System

How is your website content structured? Do you have a messy string of web pages connected in no clear order? Have you been working with a tiered system where everything has a place? Let’s hope you have been building your site with some type of clear system, because that will make it much easier for your viewers to navigate.

Most viewers are going to come to your website through pages other than your Sommerseo homepage. They are then going to look to your navigation system to help them find exactly what they want to read in as little time as possible. Ideally, your site will be set up to get your visitors from any page to their destination page in no more than three clicks. If it takes more than three clicks, many visitors are going to give up and go elsewhere. They will simply assume you don’t have what they are after.

If you have visitors clicking out of your website quickly because your navigation is off, that will affect your ranking with the search engines. Make sure your site has a system and that pages are connected together so that every page can be reached in just a couple clicks, if not a single click.

Internal Links

On every page of your website, add links to other pages of your site. These links should be created with keywords that are relevant to the pages you are linking to. Not only does this help human visitors find other pages of your site that they need, but it helps the search engines discover other pages of your website so they can be ranked as well. If you have a large established site this could take some time, but working with an SEO agency could reduce the work you have to do on your own.