World Of Warcraft Online – What You Should Know

I remember years ago when I wanted to play a game I always had to ask my closest friends. We finally sat down either at the kitchen table or sometimes in the living room.

Nowadays it is very different. Do not get me wrong I still like to play a good game of Monopoly once in a while but who wants to play with me if I have the urge of playing at 2:00 am?. This problem is gone now because I just have to fire up my trusty computer and connect with a gaming universe. It can be night or day, any days of the week, there are always gamers ready for playing. No more asking to get my friends to play with me. I guess you have heard about World of Warcraft online? If not well, you might have been living under a rock or you are certainly not interested in computer gaming. Let me tell you about this great game.

Azeroth is a universe in which long and turbulent past is forged in the fires of constant conflict. It has been four years since great chaos reigned over this burned world and King Arthas of Lord Aeron was driven mad by haunting visions of the Frozen Thrown of Icecrown. This game as a nice story to it. As it was expected, past now repeats itself as armies of the Horde and the Alliance prove their mettle on battlegrounds and clash weapons and magic in enormous, organized territorial wars. Be careful your time has arrived.

Choose an alliance, sharpen your abilities, and engrave your mark on Azeroth history if you want to be remembered. World of Warcraft is the first MMOG in the four part Warcraft series, with previous Warcraft titles being RTS games. Players, like a lot of MMOs may find adventure in fighting different monsters and in completing missions offered by a lot of NPCs throughout Azeroth.

In World of Warcraft Online, success in these actions yield rewards in the form of currency, items and experience. Gamers may also take part in PvP battles in the forms of dueling and fights with gamers of opposing factions. There are zones in the game where you will meet your rivals. In the early to middle stages of exploration เว็บพนันบอล ถูกกฎหมาย around Azeroth, most monsters and quests can be handled solo. Past that point, nonetheless, more and more gameplay will require a good team of gamers, normally two to five in number and up to six. Large-scale raids can require up to 40 gamers to succeed. When reaching level 40, gamers can purchase a mount based on their character’s reputation and race, which may appear on demand. These are expensive to buy and train, but add to the player’s status and really raise their speed of travel. With your mount you can roam through the different zones a lot faster.

Unfortunately, gamers may not engage in battle while on a mount. The cap level in World of Warcraft is now 70 with the new expansion, with bonus for successful raids at this level being in the form of rare loot. I have played World of Warcraft since the first day back in November 2004, and I can say that this great online game is exciting to play! The problem is like with most exciting stuff in your life, time flies too fast. You look at your watch and it suddenly 3:00 in the morning and you have to get up at 7:00 am… ouch. The real gamers know that feeling very well indeed.

Just a little warning regarding online gaming. It is sure a lot of fun but do not lose too much sleep over it or your best friends for that matter. There will be new games coming out for years to come. What is new today will be old tomorrow. But a real friend is worth a lot more to me and last a lot longer. So keep things in perspective.